A Grassroots Campaign to Preserve the Missouri Historic Tax Credit

This page is designed to be a central resource on the Missouri Historic Tax Credit, which currently faces proposals of devastating cuts in the state legislature. Despite being responsible for 43,000 new jobs since its inception, boosting Missouri’s economy by $1 million every year, and returning $1.50 in state and local taxes on every $1 issued, the Historic Tax Credit is currently under the gravest threat ever in our state. The Senate proposed to reduce the cap in the HTC from $140 million (already a reduction that has been in place for three years) to $45 million, a difference that would halt enormous strides in job creation, investment, and economic development that have resulted from incentivized historic preservation around Missouri. For more information visit the About page and the Resource page. And lastly, CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS and urge them not to support a reduction of the Historic Tax Credit, Missouri’s most successful economic development tool. Thanks for your awareness and action in this extreme and urgent matter.

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