Create Your Own Call Party to #SaveMOHTC

Another Call Party has been scheduled for this Wednesday, 3:30-6:00 pm at Space Studios, 4168 Manchester Avenue in the Grove, St. Louis. If you live in the area be sure to attend to continue the momentum of our message not to reduce the ever-successful historic tax credit. But you need not live in the St. Louis area to take part in this important campaign: form your own call party, where ever you are in Missouri! After all, this is the most viable economic development plan for rural and urban communities of all kinds and throughout the state. Organizing a call party is fairly simple, and here are some guidelines:

1. Establish a location | The first thing that you need is establish the “where” of your call party. The best scenario is to be in or near a building that has been revitalized using the historic tax credit. Otherwise, think of a recognizable community meeting place or business where people can use their cell phones to call legislators. Alternatively, any space, including someone’s living room, will do just fine.

2. Spread the word | Call, text, and email your friends. Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to increase your network. Consider notifying your local newspaper and news stations to grab media attention.

3. Know who to call | After reaching out to the elected officials who represent you in the State Senate and House of Representatives (who you can find here:, there is a number of key legislators who you should call. Click here for list of key legislators.

4. Know what to say | Tell your legislators how important the historic tax credit program is for Missourians: the creation of 43,000 jobs, $7 billion in private investment, and $1.50 in state revenues for every dollar issued are all reasons that the program should remain intact to further serve Missouri’s communities, small businesses, and workers. The message will always be more powerful when you describe the effect of historic redevelopment in your own specific community. Need more information about the program? Use this document to guide your interactions with legislators. You can also view these sample calls and emails.

5. Keep the momentum going | Keep track of your call count and what your interactions were. Take pictures at your party and post them through social media to add buzz to the campaign. Schedule another call party and/or encourage your group(s) to continue to call and email on the days following the party.

Be sure to Let Us Know that you’re hosting a call party so that we can help create buzz around this truly state-wide campaign.

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