House Leadership Needs to Stand Strong as Senate Continues Hard-Line Opposition to MOHTC

On Tuesday April 30th the Missouri Senate passed a version of HB698 that would reduce the cap on Missouri’s historic tax credit to $60 million. This vote to cut the program by more than 50% indicates a strong-willed opposition to the historic tax credit program, despite it’s extraordinary role in revitalizing vacant buildings in distressed areas, creating more jobs than any other economic development program in the state’s history, and leveraging nearly $7 billion in direct private investment. These benefits are state-wide.

It’s essential that the House leadership, who have typically been strong advocates for the HTC, now be reinforced and asked to stand strong in support of preserving the Missouri historic tax credit for the future benefit of the state’s towns and cities. Call and email these folks now!

  • Speaker Tim Jones | 573-751-0562 |
  • Majority Floor Leader John Diehl | 573-751-1544 |
  • Rep. Anne Zerr | 573-751-3717 |
  • Rep. Michele Kratky | 573-751-4220 |
  • Rep. Jeanie Lauer | 573-751-1487 |
  • Rep. Kevin Austin | 573-751-0232 |
  • Rep. Randy Dunn | 573-751-0538 |
  • Rep. Bonnaye Mims | 573-751-7639 |
  • Rep. Joe Runions | 573-751-0238 |
  • Rep. Jay Swearingen | 573-751-2199 |
  • Rep. Noel Torpey | 573-751-3623 |
  • Gov. Jay Nixon | 573-751-3222 |

Need more information about the benefits of the historic tax credit? CLICK HERE.


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