Final Call Blitz to Save the MO Historic Tax Credit!

About 30 hours remain in this legislative session. There is still the potential for legislation to get thrown in as amendments and the remaining hours will be quick-moving and unpredictable. The only remaining defense against losing the historic tax credit is your calls and emails to Jefferson City–let’s urge Missouri legislators to preserve the extremely important economic incentive. Pick up the phone and send an email to the following key legislators with this simple message:

“Please preserve the historic tax credit, which is the best economic development incentive in the state of Missouri. I’m urging you to support a cap of no less than $135 million in order to continue to create jobs, build private investment, and broaden the tax base by spurring essential revitalization of Missouri’s vacant and underutilized historic buildings. Thank you.”


President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey:, 573-751-1141

Senator Jamilah Nasheed:, 573-751-4415

Rep. John Diehl:, 573-751-1544

Rep. Anne Zerr:, 573-751-3717

Speaker Tim Jones:, 573-751-0562

Call your district’s legislator:

One thought on “Final Call Blitz to Save the MO Historic Tax Credit!

  1. Keep it as is.
    Lee LeBoeuf, AIA
    Chairman, Pasaden Hills Historic Preservation Committee
    Pasadena Hills, Historic District, Departmetn of Interior
    St. Louis,MO 63121
    Thank You for this Consideration

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