Defeat SB 112 and HB 698!


Update: HB 698 is back in play and includes the same language as SB112 (see below). Both need to be defeated!

Around 5:30 pm this evening the Missouri House passed SB112 (New Markets Credit) that included an amendment to reduce the historic tax credit cap from $140 million to $90 million ($10 million cap on small projects) and another amendment to renew Paul McKee’s Distressed Areas Land Assemblage Tax Credit. This is legislation that would significantly harm St. Louis’s efforts to continue essential revitalization of historic buildings. This revitalization creates jobs, leverages private investment, broadens the tax base, and preserves the unique historic environment that remains our biggest asset as a region.

It’s imperative that we call and urge our Senators  to adamantly and vocally oppose SB 112 and HB 698 to defeat them!

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed: 573-751-4415314-409-5730 (c)

Sen. Joe Keaveny: 573-751-3599 | 

Sen. Scott Sifton: 573-751-0220314-631-0445 (c)

Sen. Jolie Justus: 573-751-2788 |

Look up your legislator:

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