MO Mayors Support MO HTC

As Mayors from Across the State of Missouri, We are United in  Opposing Any Cut to the Missouri Historic Preservation Tax Credit. 

We represent communities diverse geographically and in scale who support a strong Missouri Historic Preservation Tax Credit. We are deeply concerned about the possibility of the program cap being cut by our legislators, as threatened repeatedly in recent years.

In fiscal year 2014, authorizations reached the cap and demand is on pace to exceed the cap in the current year. A reduction to the cap means projects will face new delays in the process of undetermined length, ultimately prohibiting many from going forward. Opportunities to revitalize with state Historic Preservation Tax Credits are already limited by the existing cap, and any cut will diminish our revitalization potential.

The Missouri Historic Preservation Tax Credit is a model economic development tool, and numerous states have tried to duplicate our significant and tangible success. Over $7.5B has been leveraged in private investment across over 80 individual communities to date.

Our cities have a definite need for Historic Preservation Tax Credits. They are a vital tool to continue the redevelopment momentum in our historic communities and will continue to be a critical asset to our success as we modernize and move forward.


Mayor Julie Thacher, Boonville
Mayor Norris Gerhart, California
Mayor Harry E. Rediger, Cape Girardeau
Mayor Charles Haney, Chillicothe
Mayor Jo Anne Smiley, Clarksville
Mayor Greg Lowe, Clinton
Mayor Bob McDavid, Columbia
Mayor Ray Mortimeyer, Cuba
Mayor Roy Hark, Hannibal
Mayor Jake Crafton, Kennett
Mayor Barbara Lohr, Jackson
Mayor Mike Seibert, Joplin
Mayor Sly James, Kansas City
Mayor Jerry Brown, Lexington
Mayor Bart Niedner, Louisiana
Mayor John Kimmons, Moberly
Mayor James Orr, Monett
Mayor Angela Pearson, Poplar Bluff
Mayor Sally Faith, St. Charles
Mayor Richard Greminger, Ste. Genevieve
Mayor Francis G. Slay, St. Louis
Mayor Tim Porch, Scott City
Mayor Stephen Galliher, Sedalia
Mayor Jerry Pullen, Sikeston
Mayor Robert Stephens, Springfield
Mayor Mark A. Cross, Troy
Mayor Jack Pahlmann, West Plains


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