Preservation Day 2015

Our elected officials in the Missouri Legislature had a chance to hear directly from Missouri Historic Preservation Tax Credit supporters in the Capitol on February 11.

The wonderful event was hosted jointly by Missouri Preservation, Missouri Main Street, Historic Kansas City and Landmarks St. Louis while attendees ranged from college students to professionals with livelihoods depending on the tax credits.

We visited the offices of every member of the Economic Development Committees in the house and senate, as well as countless other Legislators, expressing the importance of NO CUTs to the credit this session – or any!

We wanted to thank our thoughtful and insightful speakers who addressed and engaged with our group: Senators Jamilah Nasheed and Joe Keaveny, as well as Mr. Jim Farrell.

We came out of the day more confident that the credit will escape this session without a cut, but guarded. Please continue to follow us throughout the session for any news on MO HTC!

Preservation Day_2015 jobs preservation

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