Missouri Historic Revitalization Alliance

Aligns various supporters of the Missouri Historic Tax Credit under the common mission of protecting it


Since 1998, The Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program has done a world of good for Missourians. Have you noticed revitalization on a main street or a downtown in Missouri in the past 15 years?

You can thank MOHTCs

  • 43,000 jobs created, more jobs than by any other economic development tool in the state’s history
  • $1 billion boost to Missouri’s economy every year
  • Critical revitalization of formerly unproductive downtowns in rural and urban communities
  • Invited people to work and play where infrastructure and amenities already exist
  • A major increase to the state tax base
  • Raised Revenue: For every $1 issued through the credit $1.50 returned in state and local taxes
  • The only widespread economic development tool that the state has to offer

What would a reduction in the cap for the Missouri Historic Tax Credit do?

  • A cut would slow growth at a time Missouri is just gaining post-recession $$ steam
  • Halt redevelopment projects in rural and urban communities throughout the state
  • Homeowners and developers are less likely to proceed with projects under a lowered cap
  • Diminish economic feasibility of many redevelopment projects
  • Reduce sales and property tax revenue potential
  • Remove the incentive to develop and transform vacant buildings
  • Lower property values

Figures from: Evaluation for Missouri Growth Association. Coffin, Sarah L, Ph.D., McCall, Ben, and Ryan, Rob, MAUA, Saint Louis University, 2010.

Can we stop the Cap from falling?

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