Don’t Touch the Missouri Historic Tax Credit!

DO NOT count on other people to do this for you, it’s too important to our state’s future!

Please engage our elected leaders early and often this session. Make sure they know a strong Missouri Historic Preservation Tax Credit is a critical priority to you, and it should be for them too! No Cuts to the Credit!

Missouri Legislature Speaker of the House John Diehl, St. Louis County
Capitol Office
Phone: 573-751-1544
Email: or
Web: 100 Great Ideas for Missouri
Twitter: @johndiehljr

Representative Anne Zerr, of St. Charles. Chair of the Economic Development Committee
Phone: 573-751-3717

President Pro Tem of the State Senate, Senator Tom Dempsey, St. Charles
Phone: 573 751-1141

Find your House and Senate Members:
Missouri House member lookup
Missouri Senate member lookup



One thought on “Don’t Touch the Missouri Historic Tax Credit!

  1. Please SAVE OUR HISTORIC TAX CREDITS. They are the only reason my partner and I have been able to restore 3 buildings in historic St. Charles in the last 4 years. Two of the properties were CONDEMMED and one was derelict before we restored them and contributed NOTHING to the local economy and were a DETREMENT to the neighborhood, pulling the north side neighborhoods of St. Charles down ECONOMICALLY with crime problems. Now through a few individuals’ efforts with the help of the tax credits, the neighborhood is turning around. Please help us keep the momentum going!
    Chris Berry & Ed Akers
    1314 N. 3rd St., St. Charles
    L’ auberge Guest House- 1411 N 2nd, St. Charles
    Maison Wood – 1400 N. 3rd, St. Charles
    Third & Montgomery Apartments- 929 N. 3rd, St. Charles
    Meyer Mercantile Building- 1107/09 N. 2nd, St. Charles

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